HR functions are often seen as an overhead rather than a value adding, integral part of the business.  There are three primary reasons why HR typically fails to achieve the recognition they aspire to:

  • HR functions do not focus on areas which add greatest value
  • The efforts of the HR function are difficult to quantify and are consequently seen as an overhead, rather than an investment
  • The HR function does not have sufficient capability

Best Practice

  • Business and HR priorities are the same
  • HR is seen as a valuable contributor to the business, providing excellent value for money
  • Clear performance measures exist for evaluating the effectiveness of the HR function
  • HR staff, at all levels, are of a high calibre and display the desired competencies and professional expertise
  • HR has earned its place at the 'top table' and demonstrates its credibility
  • All HR staff willingly and openly share knowledge and expertise
  • The HR leadership team collectively takes responsibility for the way the function operates

The Solution

We work with the HR function to determine how it can best deliver value to the business.  We do this by:

  • Reviewing the strategy and goals of the function to assess how well they are aligned to the business strategy
  • Assessing the way the HR function currently works and what it delivers
  • Assessing the ability and potential of staff
  • Recommending what changes should take place to strategy, structure, processes, people and culture
  • Assisting with implementing the recommendations
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