Companies consistently fail to deliver the performance their strategies promise, due to breakdowns in planning and execution.

Furthermore, research shows that strategy execution is a more important driver of financial performance than strategy development; yet companies are poorer at implementing than developing strategyMany studies have explored the reasons for this and found that people related issues and culture lie at the heart of it.

A fundamental problem facing organisations is how to align all resources around a common, shared purpose.  Common barriers to this include:

  • Failing to identify and focus on the sources of greatest value
  • Not creating a high performance culture
  • Setting objectives and rewarding behaviour which is not aligned to the strategy
  • Not addressing the ‘undiscussable’ barriers to progress, which often relate to personal agendas
  • Providing insufficient objective and timely feedback on performance
  • Failing to distinguish sufficiently clearly between differing levels of performance, or making it consequential

Best Practice

  • Barriers to change are openly and constructively addressed
  • All components of the organisational  system are aligned: strategy, structure, processes, people and culture
  • Information is regularly shared between individuals responsible for strategy execution
  • Responsibility and accountability for implementing decisions is clearly defined
  • A strong feeling of ownership is created amongst key employees for executing the strategy
  • A high performance culture is encouraged and developed
  • Recognition and reward supports what the organisation seeks to achieve

The Solution

    We provide a structure for implementing strategy throughout the organisation.  We do this by:
  • Helping to define the organisation’s purpose, vision and values
  • Assessing the current organisation using diagnostic questionnaires, interviews and focus groups
  • Determining the gap between the current and a high performance culture
  • Identifying how best to close the gap
  • Addressing conflicting priorities and helping overcome resistance to change
  • Aligning resources around achieving the desired goals 
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